The Humiliation And Ridiculing Of The Sussex Duo

Harry Markle ~ Traditional British Pro-monarchy Satire!

In the space of a few days since the Sussex duo declared they were getting a divorce from the Royal Family, social media has been flooded with memes, and newspapers have published numerous cartoons that mock the RF, but in particular Harry and MM. Some may appear quite cruel or crude, yet with each there is an element of truth behind the cartoon or meme. I’ve never seen a member of the RF humiliated, and ridiculed in such a short space of time (from established broadsheets too), yet many say Harry deserves it, and MM had been asking for it anyhow.

Satirical cartoons have existed for centuries as a means to express what the public think about a person or event. This was back in the day when many were illiterate and so a picture could say it all, and while now we still have cartoons, we also have memes…

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